How Property’s Value is decided by Valuer?

Our Real Estate, Investment and Construction company is based in Fortaleza city, Ceará. Property Valuers specialise in developing and selling investment properties in the towns and villages along the tropical North East Coast of Brazil. KMW is a leading developer in Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes, Eusébio, Porto das Dunas, Canoa Quebrada, Cumbuco, Tabuba, Taiba and Paracuru.

KMW is English owned and directed, we have many years of solid and successful investments in Brazil covering a wide range of locations and styles of development. We can advise and direct you through the process of making excellent investment choices in Brazil, we aim to create long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.

We are unique in the fact we can provide you a highly experienced and professional service in all areas of making an Investment in the North East of Brazil.

Take a look around the Property Brazil website and please get in contact for any help, advice or answers to questions.

KMW has a wealth of experience in successful Property investments in the Northeast of Brazil with a great understanding of the country and its people. We have an extensive knowledge of the Ceará state, Fortaleza and its glorious coastline, beach towns and villages. So if you are thinking about your first property purchase in Brazil then maybe it’s time to contact us…

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